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Dry Cleaning Machine

We have the model LIBERTY, the slim line, with two tanks and the distillator on the back, and the model PREMIUM), our wide line machine, with the distillator at the side and two or three tanks on demand.

You can see the quality in each constructive particular, all our machines are designed in order to have the maximum performance throughout their lives. The use of Perc solvent, joined with sophisticated systems of filtration, offers a high quality of cleaning with low running costs, following the strictest ecological provisions.

Moreover thermal overload relays on all motors, the inverter (basket rotating speed tuner) standard, the use of stainless steel for several components and a wide range of models, let us the possibility to satisfy every needs of the various markets in each side of the globe.

We are willing to share ideas for the laundry you are planning. Give us a call today or email us. We will get back to you soon.

Main features of our dry cleaning machines:

  • Electric or steam heating
  • Closed circuit with Copeland Scroll refrigerator and heating pump
  • 1 self cleaning ecologic nylon filter
  • Double air filter
  • Ultimate generation multilingual computer with automatic and manual control, and possible Internet connection. 20 standard programs (or customized to any customer desire) which could be doubled with a memory card
  • 2 o 3 self cleaning tanks of high capacity
  • Inverter (basket rotating speed tuner), the best way to treat delicates
  • Distillator, button trap, air channel, separator and filters housing in stainless steel
  • Automatic drying of the button trap
  • Thermal overload relays on all motors
  • Still float switch level control
  • Danfoss valves for saving water

Capacity Slim line
(only two tanks)
Wide line
(two or three tanks on demand)
10-12 Kg Liberty 200 Premium 200
15-17 Kg Liberty 300 Premium 300
18-20 Kg Liberty 360 Premium 360
22 Kg - Premium 400
28 Kg - Premium 500
38 Kg - Premium 700